December 28, 2010

So long,

I've moved!!!! Click here to join me and Dylan at the new Dowdy Studio Blog. I'm sad to see the Pamela Michelle blog go, but who knows, I might pick it back up again and just post some fun ramblings, silly stuff and pretty things I find. But for now.....

Pamela Michelle will now be a part of Dowdy Studio. My husband, Dylan, and I have joined artistic forces You can find all my designs there along with all his tees, prints and new exciting things to come. With a new name, I also made a new logo for us! We hope you like our handsome, and cleaned up new look. We decided that since we've teamed up, we should probably roll out a new look. I had fun doing some hand-drawn type for it to give it a soft, yet masculine feel.

Thanks to all you guys + gals who have supported Pamela Michelle throughout the past 4 years. I love you all and hope to see you soon in my new adventures as a part of Dowdy Studio.

-Pamela Michelle

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