February 27, 2008

Wait! This doesn't taste like coffee!

I have a coffee obsession. It's in my blood and my work. If you haven't noticed, I like plant life growing out of coffee cups. I guess it creates a more organic flavor or something. Cheers enjoy!

February 22, 2008

If a tree falls down in the woods can you make something out of it?

After on icky yucky wind storm, the sad pathetic dead tree in my front yard finally keeled over. In the morning I awoke to this disaster. My heart was sad, but my mind filled with excitement because I knew this tree would live on in its afterlife as beautiful wall art in my living room.

That dayI drug the whole thing in through my house and out to the backyard, where my spray painting station lives. (A good spray painting station consists of one huge drop cloth and 3 cans of black spray paint. Classy, i know.) Anywho, I slapped layers of black spray paint on this baby and a top coat of lovely glossiness to force a little sparkle out of such a life-less chunk of wood. With that done, I popped on a few lovely fake lilies with my friend the hot glue gun and WHOALA! A beautiful masterpiece to hang above my TV.

Now my wall is purdy! I love surprise art projects! woo hoo!

Two New Paintings

Here's the newbs! Soon I will have prints for sale in my shop. yay!

February 16, 2008

The Etsy Dallas Valentine's Trunk Show

I had so much fun at this event! I got to meet and hang out with tons of talented local artists! It couldn't have been any more perfect. I can't wait to plan another trunk show with those awesome Etsy Dallas girls, so stay tuned!!

February 15, 2008

I'm in love with cobalt blue

This has to be my favorite color right now. I love it! I've been using it alot lately. Especially on my walls in my house. DROOOOOL!!!! yay!

These are my two newest babies with the most awesome color in the whole wide world on them. Check them out in my shop. woo woo!

February 5, 2008

This weekend is Etsy Dallas' second ever Trunk Show. I'll be there showing off my goodies along with over 40 other talented local artists and crafters. This is a good excuse to get some Valentine's goodies for your loved ones and get outta the house! yay! Hope I see ya there!

I've been a busy bee!

bzzzzzz! I've been up to tons of stuff. Be patient and I will show you!!! yay!!
I've been working on doing my etched wooden pieces at a larger scale. I've made two so far and I'm really excited to show them. I've also been playing around with screenprinting some personal tshirts, building furnature, painting, redecorating my house and doing my same old same old! Basically I'm having a million barels of fun!!! wooo! woo!

I will be posting some new pics soon, ta show yalls!!! wee! Until then, enjoy one of my tree necklaces! yay!