July 30, 2009

Super Sneaky Collaboration Project! Update

Here's another sneak peek into Dowdy Studio, Cut Out and Collect and my sneaky collaboration project. Dowdy Studio printed his Grand Whale in a repeat pattern on this light blue fabric. Soon Cheyne, of Cut Out and Collect will have made something super sneaky too, and we will put them all together to create something super amazing!

If you like the whale print and really want to get your hands on it, but just can't wait to see what we're up to. Maybe you can check out Dowdy Studio's Grand Whale tee. Dylan, the mastermind behind Dowdy Studio, hand draws all his designs that he then translates onto mens clothing through the process of screenprinting. All his artwork is printed in his very own studio in our backyard, and you can find more of his music inspired designs in his Etsy shop.

July 28, 2009

July 23, 2009

Super Sneaky Collaboration Project!

Ok, so it's not entirely "super sneaky", otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it. But in order to pretend like I'm being sneaky I wont disclose in full detail what we're exactly doing.

As many of you may know, my boyfriend, Dylan of Dowdy Studio and I live, breathe and make art all day long. We honestly wouldn't know how to function without it. So when you're living in this state of mind you tend to hang out with other artists and designers that do the same thing. Only because no one else understands your constant babbling on and on of color combinations, paint preferences, design choices, fabric selection, etc etc. And when I say constant blabbing, i mean pretty constant. We do take a break every once in a while and blab about weather, current events, movies and other regular normal everyday stuff. Yah, so we're not entirely crazy.... just a little.

One friend in the indie design realm that we've grown very fond of is our friend Cheyne, from Cut Out and Collect. This girl can bring it when it comes to a needle and thread. She designs and creates handbags, wallets, and home decor using two hands, rare fabrics, an intense attention to detail, as well as a sense of humor.

So take Cut Out and Collect, Dowdy Studio and Pamela Michelle, and put us all in a room to hash out some amazing ideas and the creativity goes wild. We've come up with something so good, we just can't contain ourselves. We are truly excited to reveal the final project! So stay tuned!

This is a sneak peek into part of the collaboration. I've hand crafted 4 wooden buttons to be a part of something (or somethings) that I can't tell you about......yet!

These buttons are all hand carved in wood and painted by me. The illustrations are original designs, and these buttons can never be reproduced exactly as you see them here.

I'm super duper pumped about this and I can't wait to spill my guts about it. So stay tuned for more!

July 22, 2009

20% off sale on my Art Necklaces

Howdy loves!

My art necklace sale will be ending at the end of July. My art necklaces are normally priced at $15, but I'm letting them fly off the shelf for $12. That's 20% off! Yay!

Get these beauties while they're on sale, because once the sale is over, I will be removing them from my shop to make way for new designs. I've been hustling away in my studio working on some new pieces that I'm super excited to show you.

Stay tuned for more lovely goodness!

July 20, 2009

Have you seen the newness in my Shop?

Some newness is slowly breathing into my shop. Here are a few that are currently in there. Keep checking in, because I have more to come!

July 16, 2009

From the Etsy Dallas Blog: Free Shipping!

Free Shipping Sales: July 18-19
We had so much fun with our last free shipping event, that we decided to do it again! This time we decided to cast away our shipping fees for the weekend and board the free shipping boat. This is gonna be like one big boat party where we'll be touring all these fine Etsy Dallas members' shops. Each one has something amazing to bring to our seaward adventure.

The Plaid Mushroom
First to board our Free Shipping boat tour is The Plaid Mushroom. This shop offers quality handmade lipbalms perfumes, and lotions made from scratch with no bases, so you can completely indulge yourself. Items purchased between July 16 and 19th will receive FREE SHIPPING! See The Plaid Mushroom's Etsy Shop for more details.

it's not me, it's you.

Laura Davis Design Lab
Our next stop on the Free Shipping boat tour is Laura Davis Design Lab. Here you can find one of a kind embroidered pillows and repurposed vintage dinnerware for your empty tables and couches.

Banana Showcase
Hope you are planning on packing a lunch and some sunscreen for this fun boat ride. If you are you can find some really great bags at Banana Showcase to store all your extreme adventure supplies for the boat trip, or for everyday. Get free shipping until midnight on Sunday at Banana Showcase.

Pamela Michelle
As we reach Pamela Michelle's shop, we can indulge in her nature inspired wooden pendants, handmade art necklaces and original art prints. There's nothing like getting a little natural site seeing done on a free shipping boat tour. All item in Pamela Michelle's shop are free of any shipping charges to the US and Canada.

Dowdy Studio
Let's row on over to our favorite men's clothing shop, Dowdy Studio. These music inspired hand drawn illustrations will add some much needed audible flavor to our boat tour. Dowdy Studio is offering free shipping to the US and Canada through Sunday at midnight.

Places in the Heart
Tefi Designs
If you dressed for this boat tour, then you can easily grab yourself some beautiful summery jewelry from Tefi Designs. This designer knows how to attract attention with color, and what girl doesn't want that when she's on the Free Shippng boat? Tefi Designs is offering free shipping on her fabric pendants and fuzzy ball necklaces until the endo of July, so if you miss out this weekend, you still have time to snag one of these beauties.

Colorful Alphabet Poster
Design Roots
And last on the tour, but certianly not least is Design Roots. Join her in celebrating the birth of their first daughter, bridgette eloise - born july 2nd, 2009! Everything in this shop will be ON SALE through the month of July.

by Pamela Michelle

July 8, 2009

Shop Dowdy Studio at Indie Shop Soiree This Weekend

Indie Shop Soiree - Dallas
Ladies, grab a gal pal and your best cocktail dress and head out to the House of Blues for some seriously fun shopping. This incredible shopping weekend provides guests a chance to interact with and purchase the best fashion, accessories & art from the hottest up and coming designers/artists. It's a fun "girly" event with free cocktails, free chocolates, free goodie bags and the opportunity to shop from some amazing Dallas designers with beyond talent.

Etsy Dallas is a proud sponsor of this event and I can't wait to go shop from Etsy Dallas members: Alicia Colina Ashby, Dowdy Studio, Three Yellow Starfish and The Plaid Mushroom.

Roctopus - Men's V-neck

Dowdy Studio has new designs out that he'll be debuting in person at the Indie Shop Soiree. Come early before they're all gone!

Date: Saturday, July 11th & 12th
Time: 11am-4pm
Location: House of Blues, Dallas
Cost: $15 at the door or in advance
Website: www.indieshopsoiree.com

July 5, 2009

Notes about the Jingle Bash: via Etsy Dallas Blog

Mark those calendars: As we brace ourselves for a hot Texas summer, Etsy Dallas is revving up for a cool holiday season with the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash on November 21st at the Sons of Hermann Hall (3414 Elm Street, Dallas). Shop from over 40 local artists and crafters, enjoy a full bar and DJ tunes, and get there early to get one of your very own FREE goody bags stuffed full of handmade goods. They have become the hit of the Bash and there are only 50 available!

Etsy Dallas will announce details and deadlines for the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash vendor applications in mid July, so stay tuned for more info.

Wanna sponsor the Jingle Bash? We love our sponsors. Check out our affordable sponsorship opportunities here.

Would you like to include your handmade goods in our 50 legendary goody bags? Click here for more info.

Quoted from Etsy Dallas Blog

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July from Lulu

This kitty is one firecracker when it comes to being a cat, so I thought it most appropriate to wish you a happy July Fourth with Lulu, my crazy little kitty baby. She's gonna celebrate the 4th by bouncing around the house, jumping on furniture, trying to catch bugs outside, then relaxing on the floor with a nice big stretch. Hope your 4th is just as eventful as her's. Happy Independence Day!

July 3, 2009

Beautiful things happen all the time

I've been in my studio all morning making jewelry, art and a mess. I used this paper towel to catch my paint drips while I was working in order to not be so messy. When I was finished, I looked down and was like "Woah!" I dunno if you see the same beauty as I do. You may just see a bunch of scattered paint blobs, you may be thinking "Oh gawd Pamela, get that trash off you blog!", or you just might I've gone balls to the wall nutty.I think it's really cool how you can create something really cool when not even trying to do anything. I love how all the bright colors bleed and run together as they soak into the paper towel.
Now that I've mentally classified this as "art", I don't know what to do with it. Should I continue using it as a drop cloth and make it even more colorful, or should I go out and buy a frame to put it in? Whatever I do with it, I'm definitely keeping it mentally logged in my brain for inspiration for my next painting project. I love happy accidents!