July 3, 2009

Beautiful things happen all the time

I've been in my studio all morning making jewelry, art and a mess. I used this paper towel to catch my paint drips while I was working in order to not be so messy. When I was finished, I looked down and was like "Woah!" I dunno if you see the same beauty as I do. You may just see a bunch of scattered paint blobs, you may be thinking "Oh gawd Pamela, get that trash off you blog!", or you just might I've gone balls to the wall nutty.I think it's really cool how you can create something really cool when not even trying to do anything. I love how all the bright colors bleed and run together as they soak into the paper towel.
Now that I've mentally classified this as "art", I don't know what to do with it. Should I continue using it as a drop cloth and make it even more colorful, or should I go out and buy a frame to put it in? Whatever I do with it, I'm definitely keeping it mentally logged in my brain for inspiration for my next painting project. I love happy accidents!

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