July 30, 2009

Super Sneaky Collaboration Project! Update

Here's another sneak peek into Dowdy Studio, Cut Out and Collect and my sneaky collaboration project. Dowdy Studio printed his Grand Whale in a repeat pattern on this light blue fabric. Soon Cheyne, of Cut Out and Collect will have made something super sneaky too, and we will put them all together to create something super amazing!

If you like the whale print and really want to get your hands on it, but just can't wait to see what we're up to. Maybe you can check out Dowdy Studio's Grand Whale tee. Dylan, the mastermind behind Dowdy Studio, hand draws all his designs that he then translates onto mens clothing through the process of screenprinting. All his artwork is printed in his very own studio in our backyard, and you can find more of his music inspired designs in his Etsy shop.

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