September 28, 2007

Friday: make art, decorate cat, wear silly glasses

Ok, so it's Friday night. I'm making more etched wood necklaces and being silly. I have no way to play my music while I work (no cd/MP3 player, my itunes is broke, i'm too lazy to go grab a radio...) so I'm doing my best to focus without it., focus haha. So...blah blah blah, I made my cat a charm with his name on it, then I put on these really hip glasses so my eyes wont burst into flames when i'm burning wood, and then I decided to post to my blog. So um, yeah, i'm getting alot done.

That's all. Unless you want to sport a pair of my featured glasses. Head over to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes and grab you some. You'll be the coolest kid on the playground! Or just that awkward old lady/man hanging out with the young'ns. weirdo. Blah!

ok, i'm going back to work now!!!! yay!

Sexy little fiesta bird

Cha cha cha! Check him out! spicy! like hot sauce!

September 22, 2007

Oh my! Guess who made something?

Oh yeah, it was me. How'd you guess? You so smart. You should be on that show where they ask 5th graders questions and then you beat them with your immense amount of wit and give them wedgies and stuff. hee hee.

Yea, so I've been busy making new necklaces! woo! Just now I put a few in my shop. Go see! You'll fall in love and get married!!!! And have beautiful children. And live happily ever after! yay!

September 19, 2007

Hoot Hoot

Hello! Good day!
I just added this cute little owl fellow to my shop. He's a print of one of my original painting. Check him out, he's a hoot. hee hee... I'm nerdy.

September 15, 2007

Hey! I'm working work work!

If this is work, work is awesome!!!! I'm pounding away the hours today burning up some yummy wood to make a bazillion pendants! yay! I want to wear all of them!!!! But not at once. That might look silly....or maybe not. I'll start a new trend. COVER YOUR BODY IN MY PENDANTS!!!! haha. It would take me a very long time just to make a pair of pendant pants. I'd probably stop and call them shorts. shorty shorts. ha! Oh no! I think the fumes are getting to me. weeee!
Ok, just enjoy this lovely pic of my new babies. I'll post some of them again when they're all done and made up.

September 10, 2007

Woo Hoo!! I'll be headed to Austin!!

I just got the email confirmation that I will be participating in Stitch this November!!! This is a great Indie Craft Fair with tons of talent! I'm so happy to be a part of it. Check out the other artists that are participating on their blog, and learn more about stitch on their website.

Go ahead and mark your calendars and plan your trips down to Austin. I can't wait! I hope to see you there.

Man, I'd better get to work. I have lots to do in two months. YAY!!