January 15, 2010

My life in pictures

I haven't had much time to write about my adventures lately due to my hectic holiday schedule, so I present to you a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. This should explain my happenings and whereabouts for the past month errrr so. Oh yah, And I'm totally not going in order because Blogger is terrible at rearranging pictures.

November: The Girlie Show rocked! It was in early November in Oklahoma City. This was my second year to participate as an artist, and I do hope it'll not be my last. LOVE THE GIRLIE SHOW!

August: At some point in August we participated in a Party like a Pirate street festival in the West End, Dallas. It was a beautiful day for pirates and artists.

December: On our way to San Francisco to participate in Renegade Craft Fair. Dylan looks angry. But he's not. Just tired. This was about 20 hours into our road trip.

The drive was beautiful!

We enjoyed a night in El Paso, TX

Our booth at Renegade Craft Fair!!!!

We got iced/snowed in on our way back to Dallas. It was Christmas Eve and we were stuck in Abilene, TX for the night. We were literally 2 hours away from hearty home cooked meals and family, then this happened.

September: Etsy Dallas celebrated it's 2nd birthday this year. We celebrated with cupcakes and friends and good times.

Maybe September too: I showed my artwork at the Coffee Haus Downtown in Arlington, TX. They have the yummiest vanilla latte I have ever tasted. For reals!

Dylan proposed in November! weeeeeee! We are now working our way through the wedding planning. Fun! I'm so excited to be marrying my best friend and the greatest boy I have ever known.

We went venue hunting right when we got home from our trip to San Francisco. We were so lucky to find this awesome converted water filter building for our wedding. It's going to rock!

November: My friend, Karmacrochet, made me a bad assed knitted scarf that I sewed some of my handmade buttons. I LOVE this.

It's been busy crazy time over here. Now time for a nap. I like to take inspiration from Dylan and Lulu's little cuddle fest on the couch. MY TURN!