June 30, 2010

Dang! It's Hot Sale with Etsy Dallas

Participating members of Etsy Dallas will be offering free shipping and other deals in their Etsy shops during the first week of July. Get everything but the fireworks! Visit these shops to find some great deals on handmade goods:

Alicia Colina-Ashby, Pamela Michelle,
tefi, Color Box Design, Maggie May I, XY Factory, Modest Ambition, The Pig & the Peacock, bonny beads, Dowdy Studio, Cut Out and Collect, The Miscellany, paperfingers, Chet Art, Karmacrochet, eye on the sparrow

Be Independent! Support Local!

June 26, 2010

Today: Supplies Me! Sale and taking a picture with Dylan

Today I volunteered at the Etsy Dallas Supplies Me! sale. For this event Etsy Dallas members cleaned out their unused craft supplies from their studios and offered them for sale to the public. Many crafters and art enthusiasts came by today to pick directly from the stashy stashes of goodies. I myself found a large gallery style canvas, cufflings pieces, and some jewelry making goodies. So exciting!!!

Right off the bat, the place was packed! So happy to see a big turn out for our first time event.
I worked the Etsy Dallas table where members donated their goods to be sold to raise money for Captain Hope's Kids, a local charity that supports homeless children. We raised a good amount for them and we are happy to see the community's support too!

Make Shop * Studio also donated 4 gift certificates for our raffle. So 4 lucky people went home today even happier than before!

During the show, I tried to get a snap shot of my lovely fiance, Dylan. He was being goofy.

me: Hey honey, let's take a pic
Dylan: ok
me: heeeeeeeey! Not funny faces! Do it normal!
Dylan: hehehehe, ok
me: DYLAN!!!!
Dylan: ok ok, I'll be normal this time.
me: promise?
Dylan: yeeeessss........

me: Ugh! this will do. You are terrible!
Dylan: hehehehehehe
me: love you
Dylan: love you

June 21, 2010

Etsy Craft Party in Dallas!!

The Etsy Craft Party kicked off at 7pm Friday night and people were at Make Shop * Studio early ready to party!

Make And Etsy Dallas put together 2 awesome free crafts for our partiers to do, no sew bunting and fabric flower brooches!

All the crafts everyone turned out really cute. Dallas really has alot of crafty talent!!

Paco, the handmade donkey pinata hung out all night in our Etsy Dallas Photo Booth modeling with his new friends and their silly props.

See! Paco is so good at holding a pose.

We had 5 free raffles of free handmade goodies and crafty supplies. At the top of the evening, we did our biggest raffle, a brand new Kenmore Sewing Machine!! Then Make Shop * Studio offered up a surprise raffle for $100 card for free classes at Make! We are so happy for our 6 lucky winners who probably all muttered "I never win anything" right before they're numbers were called.

The evening ended like any 5th birthday, with the busting of a pinata. We were sad to see Paco go, but happy to find him stuffed with tasty candy and treats! Don't worry, we saved his head, and will properly mount him on a plaque. So you may see him again in our next photo booth!

Thanks to all who came and helped us put this party on. We had so much fun celebrating Etsy's 5th birthday.

Thanks to Etsy for making it 5 years and sending us tons of freebies to raffle off and celebrate with, and thanks to all you Dallas crafties who came to party with us! We heart you and we hope you can make it out to the next Etsy Dallas Event. Thanks to Julie and the staff at Make Shop*Studio for co-hosting the Crafty Party, and thanks to our Etsy Dallas members for coming together to help pull this off: Cut Out and Collect, Midnight Snack, Three Yellow Starfish, The Kessler Craftsman, Pig and the Peacock, Maggie May I, tefi, Pamela Michelle, Dowdy Studio, Seen Studios, One Up Designs, The Miscellany, Karma Crochet, Haute Hardware, Laura Davis Design Lab, Alicia Colina-Ashby, Eye on the Sparrow and more!

June 7, 2010

Craft Party in Dallas - Handmade giveaways!

Reposted from the Etsy Dallas Blog:

Not only if you attend the Etsy Craft Party in Dallas at Make will you get to indulge in free DIY crafts, a free photo booth, bust a pinata and much much more, but you will also get a chance to snag up a free party favor bag from Etsy Dallas. Each party favor bag is stuffed full of Etsy Dallas members' handmade goodies. Along with handmade magnets, notebooks, bubbles, kazoos, keychains, stickers and more, you will also get a handmade felt moustache-on-a-stick.

Etsy Dallas will have 100 of these party favor bags to give out. So how do you get one? Easy! Get your pic taken in the Etsy Dallas photo booth with you or with your friends, and each of you will get your own party favor bag just for coming to the party. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting your local handmade artists, designers and crafters! But when we're out, we're out and you'll just have to enjoy some great tunes, free crafts and party!

Want to make your own Moustache-on-a-stick? Pamela Michelle has put together this easy step by step how to guide for you to do it at home.

So grab some supplies:
- Felt
- scissors
- long popsicle stick or craft stick
- hot glue gun
- sharpie
- moustache template (download here) from Lisa Welge

Now let's get to it:

Step 1
Pick a stache from the template, print it out and cut it out of the paper. If you're up to it and want to free hand your own mustache, and skip to step 3.

Step 2
You'll need 2 pieces of felt that are slightly larger than the template you just cut out. Lay them on top of each other, with the mustache template on top, then trace around the template onto the felt with a sharpie.

Step 3
Cut out your moustache shape

Step 4
Place your craft stick in between the two pieces of felt. Keep the stick off to one side of the moustache so that you can hold it to the side when it's finished.

Step 5
Grab that glue gun, but be careful of the heat! Ouch! Peel up one side of the moustache from the outer edge and smother the felt in hot glue. Work your way from the middle of the moustache to the outter edge, and slowly lay the top piece of felt back down as you glue. When you're finished gluing, press the 2 layers together, but be careful that the glue isn't too hot still . When finished with one side, do the other side.

Step 6
Let your mustache dry. Trim off any uneven edges that might have happened while you were laying the two pieces together.

Step 7
Model that stache!!! Show it off and take some pics, wear it to work or school or to a party! Moustache-on-sticks are great for graduations, dance recitals, weddings, moving the lawn! There just isn't anything you can't do better without your new moustache on a stick.

June 3, 2010

Etsy Craft Party in Dallas!!!

Etsy Dallas is teaming up with Make Shop * Studio to throw one of the largest Etsy Craft Parties in the world - the world, people!

Dallas is third in line behind Houston (1st) and Seattle (2nd). This cannot be! Just follow this link, click on I'm Interested and add your name to the roster. You can either use your Facebook account or simply key in your email address and bada-bing-bada-RSVPed!

We'd love to see you at our party on Friday, June 18th from 7pm-9pm at Make Shop + Studio in the Bishop Arts District of North Oak Cliff. Look at all the FREE stuff we want you to enjoy:

+ Party Punch! (yes, the boozy kind)
+ Souvenir Photos in the Etsy Dallas Photo Booth!
+ Cupcakes and munchies!
+ DIY Crafts!
+ 100 Party Favor Gift Bags from Etsy Dallas!
+ A Handmade PiƱata!
+ Lots of exclamation points!

In case you missed it: