June 26, 2010

Today: Supplies Me! Sale and taking a picture with Dylan

Today I volunteered at the Etsy Dallas Supplies Me! sale. For this event Etsy Dallas members cleaned out their unused craft supplies from their studios and offered them for sale to the public. Many crafters and art enthusiasts came by today to pick directly from the stashy stashes of goodies. I myself found a large gallery style canvas, cufflings pieces, and some jewelry making goodies. So exciting!!!

Right off the bat, the place was packed! So happy to see a big turn out for our first time event.
I worked the Etsy Dallas table where members donated their goods to be sold to raise money for Captain Hope's Kids, a local charity that supports homeless children. We raised a good amount for them and we are happy to see the community's support too!

Make Shop * Studio also donated 4 gift certificates for our raffle. So 4 lucky people went home today even happier than before!

During the show, I tried to get a snap shot of my lovely fiance, Dylan. He was being goofy.

me: Hey honey, let's take a pic
Dylan: ok
me: heeeeeeeey! Not funny faces! Do it normal!
Dylan: hehehehe, ok
me: DYLAN!!!!
Dylan: ok ok, I'll be normal this time.
me: promise?
Dylan: yeeeessss........

me: Ugh! this will do. You are terrible!
Dylan: hehehehehehe
me: love you
Dylan: love you

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