December 7, 2010

New intern!!!!

Meet my newest intern. His name is Chester and he'll be answering your emails and writing blog posts from time to time. He's really good at it! He has an English degree from the wait, that was shots and vaccinations, but whatever....same thing right? He's pretty qualified for this job. I'm thinking of hiring him on full time. These kind of interns are great, because you can pay them in catnip and kitty food.

Any which way, Dylan and I are really excited about our new baby intern kitten, that I've made a new print just for him. Since we're from Texas and are big ridiculous cat lovers, we thought it was appropriate. Find this big boy in my Etsy shop here.


Stephanie said...

I love your new kitty intern!!!! Yee-haw, bishes.

JDC said...

Why are you so cute?! So funny. I want to meet Chester!

Heather said...

I have two of those interns. They're great until they discover your yarn stash! :)