December 13, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Dowdy Studio is getting a little redesign....ok, well a BIG BIG BIG redesign. Dylan and I have decided that since we've tied the knot and joined our lives together, we might as well join forces too and become one big super power of art, design and awesomeness.

Now that I'm officially a Dowdy, I'm going to infiltrate my way on into the Dowdy Studio and reap havoc upon the new Dowdy Studio in the form of cute birdies, flowers and adorable animals!! *evil laugh* BUAH HA HA HA!!!! Um, ok, so not really. We're actually going to be working together more, and do some of the same things we're already doing, and some new exciting things too!

Dowdy Studio will sell the same goodies you've seen throughout the past few years, and my shop, Pamela Michelle, will slowly close it's doors. Have no fear my friend, you'll still be able to find all my Pamela Michelle work online in the Dowdy Studio shop.

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