August 5, 2009

My studio is getting purdy-a-fied

Check out this disaster zone. This is my studio mid-renovation. It's getting a major facelift! Since we moved, I haven't had the time to establish the oasis for creative bliss that I dreamt of. A break finally caught my path, and I've been painting an rearranging and organizing...well trying to reorganize around all the clutter. Right now my studio looks like one of those before homes on Clean House. A mess. You can just hear Niecy saying "Girl, what's with all this foolishness!"
Well, soon it will be all back in place and clean and fresh! And Niecy will be exclaiming "Ok family, take off your blindfolds and open your eyes!" And I'll be all like "WOAH WOW!" Then I can finally get back to creating masterpieces in my oen little oasis of creative bliss. yay!

Oh, and the mostest fun part: Purchasing new artwork to hang on the walls! I finally have a place to showcase all the artists that I've been drolling over for the past few years. I'm truely excited!

Stay tuned for when I have it all back together, I'll be posting some post disaster pics soon....hopefully :)

1 comment:

La Alicia said...

can't wait to see the "after" -- i'm not sure you want NIey on your doorstep! :)