August 9, 2009

How to make a boring wall less boring

So I know you're wondering: Pamela, how do I make that really boring wall less boring without spending a bazoozle of money?

Well, I'm here to help ya out. Follow my simple instructions and soon you will have a less boring wall, you will be much more happy and your family and friends will think you are a home decorating genius! I just did this to my boring wall, and suddenly things aren't looking quite as dull, my life now has more beauty in it and I can finally relax knowing that a big boring wall isn't bringing me down.

Step 1: Take a good hard last look at that boring wall. Take a moment to collect your feelings and say goodbye. Letting go is the first step in moving forward. Tissue?

Step 2: Collect some old frames. I found my frames for dirt cheap at a local thrift store. The ones I found varied in sizes, colors, and designs. Most of them had ugly old mass produced art prints still living inside them, so I wasn't too worried about ripping them apart.

Step 3: Rip them suckers apart! Take all your frames home and take off the backing,old artwork, and pop out the glass. You may need a pair of pliers to open up the backs of the frames, but for the most part they should all come apart pretty easily.

Step 4: Now that you have just the frames, you can paint them or stain them. I chose to use black spray paint to color mine, since most of my furniture is black. It matched! Spray paint is great for this project because it goes on evenly and doesn't leave brushstroke marks. Pick a color that goes with the decor of the room. Do you have lots of red accents? Then use red. Do you want to stay pretty neutral? then pick a color close to your wall color.
Step 5: Arrange your frames in an interesting layout. Lay them out on the floor first and get them exactly how you want them to look on the wall. Then one by one hang them up with a hammer and a nail. I chose to do an asymetric design with some small frames inside some big frames and set them all about an inch apart. I also had a cute helper to hold the frames up while I stepped back and made sure they were in the right spot. **Cute helper is optional for this project, but highly recommended**

And now you're done! Look at the beauty that is your new wall decor. Now invite all your friends over for cocktails and bathe in the "ohhs" and "ahhs" they'll be showering you in. And when they say "Oh my gosh! I love your decor! Who is your designer?" You can hold your head up high and exclaim at the top of your lungs, "Why, it's me!!!!"

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Eve M Metalsmith said...

this is one of the cutest, yet simplest and easy to execute ideas i have ever seen!

thank you for sharing ;o)