August 13, 2009

Look what we made last weekend!

Ok, so last weekend was incredibly hot. But that didn't stop us from jumping into our workshop with no AC and building a new TV stand. Side note: sweat and sawdust do not go good together.

Anyway, before building this bad boy, we have been using an old IKEA coffee table to hold our TV, electronics, and DVD collection. We needed so badly to switch it out, as our feet had nowhere to rest when we were watching movies, and anytime we wanted to have a drink or dinner infront of the TV it was a big pain to drag over our two tiny side tables to use as a mock coffee table.

My heavylifting honey, Dylan, and I busted away for about 3 hours on this baby. He designed, cut all the pieces out of wood and put screwed and glued it all together, and I watched/kinda managed while I was building some frames for my paintings. So, really I didn't do much to help with this project, but I like to claim that I helped...maybe a little in the moral support department, I guess. It turned out pretty nice, and I love it so much more now that we've placed it in our living room and retired our coffee table to be once again a coffee table again.

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