January 8, 2009

The Owls Have Landed

Can I get a hoot hoot? My wooded owl rings have finally made it into my shop. It took me a while to finally finish them up and get 'em in there.

It's been a crazy busy holiday season. After my last craft show in December, I thought it was finally relaxy break time. But, oh no, it was time to fill custom orders, make more necklaces, clean my studio, make daily runs to the post office, help DowdyStudio with his pour in of orders, and on top of all that get ready for the family fun of the holidays. Busy busy busy!!!!

Oh the madness! Well, finally things have slowed down, and I can get back to creating and working on some new things, and most importantly, relaxy time! yah! My mind has been exploding with new ideas, and I can't wait to let them out. So stay tuned and I'll show you what kind of craziness I'm up to.

1 comment:

gerrijo said...

Awe, those are so sweet! I especially love the top one with the grey, gold and purple.