January 2, 2009

Etsy Dallas is Accepting New Members

Etsy Dallas will soon be opening it's doors to local artists and crafters. Etsy Dallas is a collective of Dallas area artists and crafters who sell their handmade goods on Etsy.com. Each member supports the team in their own way, in return the team supports them and what they do. 

Each Etsy Dallas member gets their shop link on the Etsy Dallas web page, discounts on Etsy Dallas hosted events, an opportunity to meet the best artists in the Dallas area, and tons of fun. 

I've benefitted greatly since I joined this team in 2007.  I've been able to plan events, attend crafting parties, get to know some local artists, and even have gotten some free press and great publicity from this group.  And not to mention, I've made some amazing friends, that I'll keep for a long time.

The application process begins January 15th, so stay tuned to the Etsy Dallas Blog for up to date information on the process. 

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