May 22, 2007

Can it get any cuter?

Meet my new kittens. They have no names yet. Any ideas? I've had them for 3 days, and I'm stumped. The closest thing I could think of is Lola, Lulu, Belle or Luna for the girl and Leon for the boy.


Sister Mary Martha said...

I vote for Ike and Tina.

Eveline said...

Oohhhh, they are soo sooo cute! I miss my kitties, I had to leave them behind in Holland with my ex... :(

Oh, and.. umm.. TAG! You're it!
According to the person who tagged me you are to list 7 little known or interesting things about yourself in your blog. Then you are to tag 7 other people.

Don't you just love me? ;)

Eveline (Timeless on Etsy)

pamela michelle said...

oh no another tag. I'm counting my last tag as a tag substitute for this one. :)

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Ohhh my!

We had two little black kittens too!

They now live very happily w/ my father-in-law in Dallas since the baby came along.

Their names are Lilli-pilli and Zigzag Street (Ziggie) and they are TROUBLE - in a good way.

Julie said...

Awww - these kitties are TOOO cute! No suggestion for names for them - but they are darling. I love black kitties - even though I am allergic to them...hehe.

You have a really nice blog!

(GemsByJules on etsy)

Carla said...

I vote lola and pepe