May 4, 2007

Business cards for me!

Here's a peek at me new business cards. I designed and printed them myself. They're on the back on my mess up prints of my paintings. I figured I'd recycle since the paper is expensive and I didn't want to just throw it away. It makes it kinda interesting. You get a business card on one side and a piece of an art print on the other. Fun!

So it's Friday and that means the weekend has officially started! Cheers to all celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow! I will have to find a sombrero or poncho to wear out tomorrow. Or maybe not. I'll just stick to drinking Mexican Beer. Have a happy and safe weekend!!!


Shaina said...

Oh my, those business cards are gorgeous! I am so jealous.

bcgurl said...

great business cards!! I guess being an artist
I am a bit artistically challenged so am jealous, of course!