August 18, 2008

Show Pony Show Recap

Sunday I spent some lovely time at the Show Pony Show in Deep Ellum. The super sweet girls from the Dallas Craft Mafia put on their first ever show and it was great! There was a live pony, some swing dancing and awesome tunes playing the whole time. I had a blast! Here's my highlights:Mia from MiaMaria greeted people in the morning at the Etsy Dallas Booth. She did an awesome job of handing out Etsy Dallas scavenger hunt cards and giving out free Etsy Dallas goodies. Abby of Pulp Reality and Carrie of Atom-in had a rocking good time near the DJ booth. If you happen to be at Bumbershoot in Seatle, stop by their booth and give them a happy hello.
Regina of Little Cookie was across from me selling her cutesy goods.Little Cookie's Happy Gyoza Brooch - Smile Little Dumpling is just simply adorable. Mandi from Scribble Scrabble and Larry, The Kessler Craftsman, got into a little slap fight and got mad when the cameras came around to film it. Man, it would have made good TV.
The Continental Lofts were filled with happy people. yay!
Before the show, everyone scurried to set up their booths and chit chat with fellow artists.

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tatsuko said...

All these show photos are great! I love selling at shows - meeting and chatting with other sellers is so much fun :)