August 30, 2008

Lee Harvey's Meet Up

Lat night Etsy Dallas put together it's first ever Meet Up. We had a ton of fun chit chatting and socializing on the open patio at Lee Harvey's in Dallas. I want to thank everyone who came out to play, and I hope to see yall at the next Meet Up.

We hope to do this again next month, so be on the look out for another invite. Keep in mind that these Meet Ups are open to anyone interested in hanging out with cool artsy folk. You don't have to be a member of Etsy Dallas to come play with us and join in on the fun. So I better see ya next time!!!!

Thanks for coming:
Memopause and Hubby
Tefi Designs and Jason

Yes, I just thanked myself.... Thank you Pamela, thank you very much. Oh you're welcome Pamela, you are so pretty. **blushing**


Call me Stephanie said...

Wow Prammers. So young and already talking to yourself.......

I had a blast. Hey! That's me with the O'Doole's. Yes, my baby-to-be and I were drinking near beer folks!

Kara Lennox said...

Oh, man, I look like I had too many beers, but I only had one!

Sorry I missed you, Stephanie. You probably arrived right after I left.