May 21, 2010

Pamela Michelle Contest: Jorts and Jeeves!

Hey D.I.Y'ers, here's a fun little late night project to do in the comfort of your own home ( I don't recommend in public...but I will applaud you if you do). Oh and guess what!!! This is a contest. So play it hard! The winner will receive a and Foxy Fox Necklace from Pamela Michelle and a Dowdy Studio tee of your choice.

How to play: Follow the simple D.I.Y instructions below. Post a link to images of your D.I.Y Jorts and Jeeves pics in the comments section of this post. Contest ends June 5th. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. I'll announce the winner and post my favorite entries the week after June 5th.

Let's Play!!!

How to Project: Making some Jorts and Jeeves.

1. One pair of jeans
2. One pair of scissors
3. A couple of beers or drinks of choice
4. One digital camera
5. Flickr, Facebook, Tumbler, blog, etc.

Step 1 - Take your jeans and cut them into shorts. Jeans + Shorts = Jorts.

Step 2 - Put them on.

Step 3 - Take the cut off legs and put them on your arms. Jeans + Sleeves = Jeeves.

Step 4 - Model your awesome new outfit and snap a pic with your camera.

Step 5 - Post your most creative pics online for the world to see. (Blog, Website, Flicker, Photobucket, etc)

Step 6 - Leave a comment on this post with a link to your Jorts and Jeeves pic and your email address.

Step 7 - Stay tuned, cuz the week after June 5th I'll announce the winner. I'll pick the most creative and best representation of Jorts and Jeeves. So go crazy, but keep it family friendly, and you could be the winner of a new Foxy Fox Necklace and Dowdy Studio tee of your choice.

Good Luck! Let the competition begin!!!!

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