February 17, 2009

NX35 - Music and Art Show

NX35 Music Conferette is a first-year music conference programming over 130 acts, multiple panels, Q&As, and a trade show in the heart of Denton, Texas — the other, smaller, music town in Texas.

The Conferette takes place at 12 participating venues all within the walkable 4-block area surrounding the Denton courthouse square.

LinkMarch 12-15th there will be a Craft Show accompanying the music and festivities at the Denton Civic Center. This is where you'll find Tara to the T, Cut Out and Collect, Texas Tarts, Dowdy Studio and Pamela Michelle.

Mark your calendars, and come join in the fun. Check out the NX35 site for ticket and show information.

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Funky Finds said...

Hey Pam, Do you know if there's a fee to attend the craft show?