October 13, 2008

Urban Street Bazaar!

This past weekend I played at the Urban Street Bazaar. It was a really fun show. If you missed it, Make is putting another Urban Street Bazaar together December 6th in the Bishop's Arts District. That'll be a good one to get that holiday shopping done at.
Here's my booth with a little remodel. Dylan and I slaved away one weekend to build a new display. It turned out great! I love it.
My found treasure of the week was this model hand. Dylan went out to get some last minute things for the show and he stumbled upon this gorgeous hand display. He then brought it home and I spray painted the heck outta it. It's a beauty.
As night came around the Bazaar filled with even more life. A talented musician played some cover songs right by my booth, the weather was perfect and we got to enjoy the beginnings of the nightlife on Bishop Street.

The crowds died down around nine thirty as people were making their way to their evening destinations. It was a perfect day and I couldn't ask for more. Well, I guess I could ask for another day like this one. Hope to see you December 6th for more fun times at the craft fair.
Dylan says "Hey"

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Funky Finds said...

you always have a beautiful display...love the new hand!