January 17, 2008

I painted....yes I did

Here, have a peeky at my new painting! I haven't named it yet, but soon I will, yes very soon.

And a tip for those of you who paint: Don't put your paint pallet on the floor or your cat will step in the blue paint and leave a trail of blue paw prints all over your carpet and new white purse.
The End.


Persimmons Gal said...

Do the paw prints on the purse at least look cool? Shucks.

jessicajane said...

haha that reminds me of the bright blue paint on my couch that mysteriously got there from my cat! I love the painting, you are inspiring me to go paint now!

argylewhale said...

This is beautiful! Sorry about your meddlesome kitty.

KiWi said...

Next time, leave the cat a canvas for her paw print masterpiece. :)
Lovely piece.